Prom 2019

Tomorrow is my first prom. I am really excited but nervous about it at the same time. The theme this year is Around the World. This is very exciting to me because I am very interested in touring and traveling. Our post prom theme is A Blast from the Past. We have amazing sponsors and […]

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College Visits

This past weekend, I went to Ball State University for a college visit. It was kind of surreal because I don’t feel like I should be preparing for college yet. I’m not ready to grow up. The campus was really beautiful and it looks like it would be a great place to go to school. […]

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Relatable Rach 2.0

I have to write another intro blog for a grade so I’m going to pretty much just sum up how my life is going right now. I’m Rachel Tupps and I have had this blog for almost two years now. I originally created this blog for the intro radio class. Now that I’m on my […]

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First off, I hate when people say “new year new me”, I’m just putting it as my title to be relatable. I’m hoping for good things in 2019. I have had a pretty good start to the year and I’m actually very excited for what this year has to bring. I’m going to be entering […]

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Hello. “Hello” could be the start of something new and great. It could be as simple as saying it to someone in order make a new friend or use it as a metaphor to open up to a certain opportunity. It’s a word that is positive in all aspects. Now, it may seem crazy for […]

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Back to the Grind

After a lengthy Christmas break, it’s time to go back to school. It’s always strange coming back to school after a two week break because you have to learn a new schedule of classes, find new friends in those classes, and figure out who you’re going to sit with at lunch. It’s also a new […]

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‘Tis The Season to Be Scary

Fall is here and Halloween is in 5 days. Late September and all throughout October is the prime time for scary movies and going to haunted houses. One of my favorite things to do during Halloween season is to go to Haunted Houses with my dad. We love to go to “Trails of Terror” which […]

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