When I woke up this morning, I breathed in the crisp, fresh air. As I looked to my right, I saw the sunny beach through the huge glass window. The sun was starting to rise which caused the warm colors of orange, pink, and purple to pour through onto the white wooden floors. I opened […]

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Ever since I was a little girl, I have absolutely loved Disney. Not just the movies, but also the music, shows, books, and the Disney parks. I’ve seen almost every animated Disney movie known to man, except for some new ones. I used and still use Disney as an escape sometimes to “travel” to another world […]

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Coyote Buttes

On the same trip as when I went to the Grand Canyon, I went to Coyote Buttes near the Arizona-Utah border. Coyote Buttes is a 5.5-mile trail through the hot desert. At the end of the trail, though, you come upon a monument called The Wave. It was definitely a time to remember but it didn’t all […]

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France Trip

I’ve briefly covered the France trip that our choirs are going on this summer in some of my past blogs, but it’s getting very close and I would like to talk about it in more detail. The trip is exactly two months and two days. I am so excited because I’m going to be going […]

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Spring Break!

During this year’s spring break, I pretty much stayed home. It kicked off with a competition at Lawrence Central which we presumed would be our last comp if we didn’t make State. That competition was so much fun. I spent the night with my best friend the night before, and we headed off to the […]

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The Grand Canyon (Part 3)

In my last blog, my dad and I had just arrived at the ranch at the bottom of the canyon. After we took our showers, it was a few hours before dinner. We decided to rest a little bit since our bodies were so sore from riding a mule for over five hours. We were […]

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Make-Up Days

In my opinion, we should not have to make up snow days. It’s not our fault that Indiana decides to create cold temperatures and inches of snow. Today is President’s Day and we weren’t supposed to have school. Since we had a snow day a couple weeks ago, we have to be here. I was going […]

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