Homecoming Week

This week is homecoming week and it’s very exciting. Our theme this year is “Board Games.” It’s a questionable theme, but it is what it is. We have dress up days every day this week which is a lot of fun if a lot of students participate. Monday, today, is Dominos – dress up in all black and/or white. Tuesday is Candyland – dress up as your 6-year-old self. Wednesday is LIFE/Guess Who – dress up as your future career or as a celebrity look alike. Thursday is Trivial Pursuit/Cranium – dress as nerdy as you can. And as always, Friday is Battleship – go crazy in green and white. In my opinion, Friday is always the best day during spirit week because we get to really show off our spirit for our football team.

On Friday night, the Pendleton Heights Arabians are going to face Mt. Vernon, just like they do every year. Before the homecoming game, there is a parade and it’s a classic tradition. Each class has a float based on the theme and then at halftime of the football game, we have a contest. The senior float almost always wins, but that just means I get a chance to win next year when I’m a senior.

After everything on Friday, we have a homecoming dance on Saturday night. It’s usually really fun and I’m really excited for this year.

Rachel Tupps



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