Relatable Passions

Today I simply feel like writing about my passions.

1. strong and barely controllable emotion.
A passion to me is something that you put everything towards and you let nothing come between you and whatever that may be. When you are passionate about something, nothing can stop you from continually wanting to intensify your understanding of it.
I have a passion for singing and dancing.
I am not the best solo singer, but when I sing in a group, it’s almost magical. Almost every single person in a show choir is incredibly passionate about what they’re doing. We feed off each other’s energy and it can be so amazing.
Dancing is the same type of thing. It may even be more so. When forty-something people are dancing on stage together, it’s a type of bond that can’t be broken. Everyone just lets loose and somehow it works so well when everyone puts their all in.
When I’m singing and dancing, I feel free. Every day, I try to improve myself when it comes to the things I am most passionate about. I don’t think I could stop doing what I do, even if I tried.
Rachel Tupps

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