‘Tis The Season to Be Scary

Fall is here and Halloween is in 5 days. Late September and all throughout October is the prime time for scary movies and going to haunted houses.

One of my favorite things to do during Halloween season is to go to Haunted Houses with my dad. We love to go to “Trails of Terror” which is a haunted woods about 5 miles from my house. We also love to go to a place called “Stillwell Manor” which is an old movie theater which they’ve converted into 3 different haunted houses. And of course, there’s the classic Indy Scream Park.

My dad and I also love to go see scary movies at movie theaters and at home.

I don’t go trick or treating anymore, but I still carve pumpkins and decorate for Halloween. What’s Halloween without a glowing pumpkin your porch? Worthless. Jack-O-Lanterns are the Christmas tree of Halloween. My dad has always loved to decorate for Halloween ever since I was born. He has things for almost every room in the house. The creepiest decoration to me is this 7-foot tall butler that my dad puts by the entrance of our side door. It especially creeps me out at night. My mom hates it and I’m kind of getting to that point too.


It seems that at this time of year, once Halloween hits, everything flies by. After Halloween there will be Thanksgiving and Christmas and then New Years. This is the time of year that it IS appropriate to use the saying “What a time to be alive!” Unless you’re talking about Halloween of course… haha. Anyway, I hope you all have a great Halloween and a great fall in general. I know I will:)

Rachel Tupps



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