Indiana State Fair

This past Sunday, the choirs had to work at the Indiana State Fair for a fundraiser to raise money. We had to go to the school at 8:00 am and we weren’t scheduled to get back to the school until about 10:30 pm or later. At the beginning of the day, I felt like I […]

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Summer 2018

The summer is almost here and I’m super ready for it. I have to get through finals week first, though. After that, hopefully, my stress will dissipate. To start off my summer, I’m going to go to five graduation open houses on the first weekend after school gets out. The next week, I am going […]

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Relatable Words

Writing has always been an escape for me no matter what I’m feeling whether it’s happiness, sadness, anger, and so on. Sometimes I simply have to write something for an assignment, but that doesn’t mean the meaning behind the words is any different. This is an extended metaphor poem that I wrote for English class. […]

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Final Choir Concert

This weekend, including tonight and Saturday, the choirs are going to perform our last concert of the year. At PHHS, we call it “Singsation.” This year’s theme is “Movies.” All of the songs we are singing are from musicals and movies. In my opinion, itis going to be a very successful show. This concert is […]

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It’s Finally Spring

Late last week, mind it’s late April, Indiana decided to finally act how its supposed to. Up until last week, it was so cold. We had a few warmish days, but then it went back to being very cold and it even snowed a few times. Winter isn’t supposed to last almost five months. I […]

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When I woke up this morning, I breathed in the crisp, fresh air. As I looked to my right, I saw the sunny beach through the huge glass window. The sun was starting to rise which caused the warm colors of orange, pink, and purple to pour through onto the white wooden floors. I opened […]

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Ever since I was a little girl, I have absolutely loved Disney. Not just the movies, but also the music, shows, books, and the Disney parks. I’ve seen almost every animated Disney movie known to man, except for some new ones. I used and still use Disney as an escape sometimes to “travel” to another world […]

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